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The college years are some of the most formative of life. But they can also be some of the most challenging to navigate well. This site was created from a desire to promote conversations, share resources, find encouragement, and explore the life and faith of today's college students and all who come alongside them.









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The Surrendered Life

  Surrender. In a time so filled with war, crime, conflict, and the like, this word likely carries with it powerful images and associations of a person (or people) that feel compelled to give up absolutely everything – freedom(s), rights, choice, privacy, privilege, autonomy, and even individuality. The kinds of things that most of us […]

An Invitation to a Journey

An invitation. That’s typically how it starts, doesn’t it? I’ve been working with students for nearly 20 years now, and been blessed to work with some pretty great students. As I consider the stories of these students, and the origins of their own call to lead, I have come to believe that the vast majority […]

Start Well to Finish Well

Maybe you’ve heard it said before that, It’s not how you start that matters, but how you finish. While I believe there to beĀ a lot of truth to this statement, I also believeĀ that how we start something – or anything really – does matter. Would you ever start a road trip without some idea of […]

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