If This Song Describes Your Current Relationship…

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As a culture I think we have overly romanticized the idea of drama — especially within the context of relationships. Watch most any primetime sitcom, romantic comedy, or reality show and you’ll get more relational drama than you’ll know what to do with. We also see relational drama between celebrities being broadcast over twitter feeds and hollywood news outlets. […]

I Wrote A Book For You

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I’m excited to share some BIG NEWS with you — my second book: CAMPUS gODS: Exposing the Idols That Can Derail Your Present and Destroy Your Future will be published by Seedbed Publishing later this year. It’s a book addressing the many idols that vie for your attention and allegiance during your formative college years […]

TOP10 Things Sex has in Common with the Apocalypse (Part 1)

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Guest post from Michael Johnson from F-M-U.com In celebration of the Mayans, Y2K and the melting polar icecaps we humbly submit: TOP10 Things Sex has in Common with the Apocalypse. #10: Zombies An apocalypse without zombies would be like Christmas without Salvation Army Bell Ringers. But what many never imagine is how carelessly giving yourself […]