Are You Living A Distracted Life?

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Are you living a distracted life? The short — and honest — answer is YES. Our culture has made it both acceptable and expected that you will multitask — or attempt to engage and be quasi-attentive to several different things at once. This invitation to live a distracted life and fragment your attention into a […]

Look At Things Differently

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Could you benefit from a change of perspective? Is there a situation, circumstance, relationships, or some other context in your life that would be well served from you reconsidering it from another vantage point — or another’s vantage point. Truth is, we could all benefit from this, from time to time. Yet there often come […]

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

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This is my son pictured above. He just started 3rd grade. And this is a shot of him yesterday mowing the lawn — for the very first time. I didn’t ask him to mow, he asked me. In fact, it started a couple of weeks ago with him asking if he could help me mow. […]