Leadership and Learning Are…

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Are you a leader on your campus?

You don’t have to have an “official” title in order to be a leader.

And just because you have a title doesn’t mean you’re a leader.

Leadership can look, sound, and feel like a lot of different things.

And if there’s one thing I’ve noticed that seems to separate the great student leaders from the rest of the pack it’s this — they’re learners.

They’re teachable.

They know they’ve been selected (officially or unofficially) based on some of their gifts, talents, and/or passions — but they don’t fool themselves into thinking they have it all figured out.

They know they still have more to learn — and therefore they seek out opportunities to grow and develop in a variety of ways.

They’re willing to take risks — and make mistakes. And when they make mistakes, they’re willing to own them and learn from them.

And it’s not just true for student leaders, but for all leaders really.

So as you approach a new year on campus, how can you commit to being a leader open to and pursuing opportunities for further growth and learning?