The Greatest Invitation You’ll Ever Receive

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Come, follow me.

Three simple words that have the potential to change absolutely everything.

These are the words that Jesus extended to his disciples as he began his earthly ministry.

Come, follow me.

His disciples did not know him, nor what this call would mean for their lives, and yet they did not hesitate to respond.

They dropped what they were doing and chose a different way of life.

They left family and friends for the company of strangers.

They left a life that was familiar and predictable for one that was ever-changing and completely out of their control.

Jesus words, “Come, follow me,” were an invitation to something more — something bigger.

It was an invitation to be taught and transformed.

It was an invitation to be empowered and used in the lives of others.

It was an invitation to move beyond a life focused on self to one that would be focused on others.

It was an invitation to unforeseen challenges, struggles, trials, and temptations.

But it was also an invitation to a life well lived, fully lived, because it was with God.

This invitation that Jesus extended to his disciples is the same invitation that he extends to you and me today.

Come, follow me.

Jesus offers us the chance to walk with him, talk with him, and grow with him — each and every day.

His offer is one that is meant to enrich our lives as he uses us to enrich and bless the lives of others (see Genesis 12:1-3).

This single invitation is meant to shape absolutely every part of our existence.

Come, follow me.

It is not a once and done kind of invitation, but a daily opportunity to choose him.

To choose his ways.

To choose his priorities.

To choose his path.

Come, follow me.

By no means is this an invitation to the easy life, or the high life, but it is indeed an invitation to the best possible life — this side of eternity… and beyond!

So how will you respond to Jesus’ invitation: “Come, follow me!”?