Your (Future) Work Matters to God

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Your future work matters to God.

But so does your present work – as a student, a leader, and even a part-time employee.

God cares about all of these things.

But we tend to live life as if the future is incredibly important, but the present doesn’t much matter.

Someday we’ll be important. Someday what we do will matter. Someday we’ll have the power, influence, or authority to make a difference.


But not yet. Not now.

If you believe this, or some rendition of this, you are being deceived about the power and purpose of your present.

Yes, God cares about your future work. But he also cares about your present work. 

How do you approach your studies? What kind of time and effort to you give to them? God cares about this.

Do you hold a leadership position? What level of attention and seriousness do you bring to this role? Are you fully investing your gifts, talents, and passions – or are you just doing the minimal to get by? God cares about this.

Do you have a part-time job? If so, what kind of energy and attitude do you approach it with? Do you see it as an opportunity to bless and benefit the people you work for? Or is it just about the pay check? God cares about this too.

Not wanting to over-spiritualize anything, I do believe that our work can be a holy endeavor.

I believe that God can use us in any setting, in any context, at any point in our lives.

I believe God wants our best and wants us to give our best to everything that we commit ourselves to (which may mean that we need to seriously reconsider everything that we are involved with). I believe that the mind-sets, habits, and patterns that we develop and operate out of during our college years will shape the kind of work that we do (as well as the kind of worker we become) in the future.

And it’s always worth mentioning that God cares just as much about the work that happens all around the world, in every kind of square and market place, as he does what happens within the walls of the Church, ministry organizations, or traditional mission field.

All the world is a mission field.

All the world is in need of seeing the love of Jesus lived out in the lives of faithful individuals.

And the workplace is a great place to do that.

And for this season of life, so is the campus.

Do you believe that you work matters to God? If so, how is this reflected in your day-to-day life right now?